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What NOT to do when trying to stop your puppy from biting

When your puppy starts biting you try your best to remain calm. Now not all toys are extremely exciting to puppies, especially compared to wiggly fingers or toes. This is a good time to practice and reward a sit or a down command. But it?s also rife with from both sides. This post contains affiliate links. After a couple of days I learned that having a toy nearby at all times really helps. If your puppy isn?t yet fully trained on not biting a game of tug might be too much. Favorite Dog Videos of the Week DIY Pokeball Dog Treats by The difference between dogs & cats.? And if your puppy seems unable to control himself ( and his teeth ) with a games of tug take a break and work on some more basic . Remain calm. Dogs love to chase things, and that love is even stronger for exciting things ? things that scream, flail around and move fast. ? , That Mutt via dumpaday Don?t Send Your Dog Mixed Signals When it comes to teaching your dog not to bite it?s important to remain consistent. Don?t turn yourself into a dog toy. Don?t flap your hands around in the air, scream and run away like a madman. I know it?s just a puppy and all, but they hurt much more than you?d expect. Make that toy just as exciting as your flesh by shaking it and moving it around. In those first couple of weeks I learned a lot about how to make the biting stop, but more importantly I learned what not to do when they start coming at you with that mouthful of razor sharp enamel they call puppy teeth. Favorite Dog Articles of the Week | The Sacramento Bee Beautiful story that demonstrates how important dogs can be to our well being. While I don?t have any advice on how to help bridge this divide in the long term I can tell you that stepping away from social media for a little bit was one of the best decisions I?ve made this week. Recommended Reading 5 Things Not to Do When Teaching Your Puppy Not to Bite Last updated on February 6, 2018 By Puppy Leaks Laika wasn?t easy when it came to .? One minute your dog gets away with or is rewarded for a bad behavior and the next minute he is chastised and/or punished for the same act. Perhaps I?m just a little sensitive right now ( I think many of us are ), but seeing us try to express our own ideologies & deep feelings on a place like facebook seems to be falling flat. via Don?t ?Yelp? and Scream Loudly to Startle/Shock Your Dog Out of It Conventional wisdom once told us that yelping at a puppy whose biting will make them stop. There is no set rule on what games you can and cannot play with your pup. And what happens to an excited puppy brain? Well they have a tendency to start biting. | Paw Culture Heartbreaking story indeed, but one that shows the important role dogs play in our lives when it comes to dealing with traumatic experiences. Now I?m not saying you absolutely need to stash a bunch of toys in your pockets, but you should at least have a toy nearby for when the biting begins. When it comes to teaching your puppy not to bite it?s important to be prepared. via Quit Roughhousing When Your Puppy Gets Over Stimulated and/or Bitey Playing tug and wrestling with a puppy can be a lot of fun, but they can also lead to over stimulation. Every little slip up where the behavior is allowed ( or encouraged ) will lead to confusion when your dog is punished for it later. And when it comes to reaching the other side & starting conversations that actively involve people from both sides in an intelligent way? I haven?t seen it being done, and if anything the ones that have tried seem to be making that gap even bigger. You see when you run around like crazy trying to avoid a biting puppy that can send them into frenzy mode ? and trust me you don?t want to get bit when they?re in frenzy mode. You want your dog to be able to calm down and obey you, even in ?exciting? scenarios such as intense play. Inconsistency is unfair. The best ( and most heartfelt ) conversations I?ve had this week have been in real life, not on social media. Social media can be a great place to find your tribe, but it?s going to a lot more than facebook to find a way to reconcile the differences between 59 million people. | The Dog Zombie Great post that demonstrates how important it is to focus on the dog in front of you when it comes to training ? not all methods are guaranteed to work on every dog.? Try as we might it?s hard to articulate all the things we?re feeling on either side by posting a meme or 3 sentence blurb. For me the biggest rule of all is ?the game stops if your teeth touch my skin. Don?t Run Around Like a Madman Trying to Get Away No one likes being bitten by those sharp little puppy teeth. Social media can provide comfort in knowing that we?re not alone in our feelings this week. The yelping method is supposed to tell your puppy that ?ow, that really hurts? and then they?ll just miraculously cease biting. You know your dog best, and you?re the best judge of what?s too much when it comes to getting them riled up. But be careful when it comes to how you decide to move away. So why did teaching Laika bite inhibition take so long? Because I was sending out a lot of mixed signals by yelping, running around like a madman and having a hard time being consistent. Honestly I don?t know why the yelping method doesn?t work for many dogs. Wolves & coyotes have two Amy2B genes ( helps digest starch ), while dogs from around the world have been shown to have about 30. I mean if you put your hand on a hot stove you move it, that same principle applies to getting the hell away from whatever the hell is biting you. Once everyone is on board and refusing to give in it?s a lot easier to teach. What I do know is that when I tried it I instantly regretted it because my dog started biting me even harder. So naturally, when your puppy starts biting your hand or pants your first instinct is to get away. If you don?t want your puppy to bite it?s important to make it a set rule that applies to everyone. Make sure everyone in the family knows that teaching your puppy not to bite is a priority. Before she had a good handle on basic bite inhibition those games were pretty much an invitation for her to go hog wild & bite anything in sight. I know it?s funny to watch moment pet dog runs on to high school race track and wins relay event 22372 Sally get chased around by a little bitey puppy, but that?s not how you want your dog to act around grandma, the mailman or your neighbors. | The Washington Post DNA swabs taken from a Michigan service dog were not a match to any of the samples taken from the body of a dog he was accused of killing. Remember you need to make their redirection target ( the toy ) more exciting than their fun squealing human target ( you ). Your husband might be rough-housing and getting bit by baby Rover in the living room, but you don?t want that behavior to get transferred onto grandma. Well that doesn?t always work out so well, and can actually make them bite more. ? How Did You Teach Your Puppy Not to Bite? How did you teach your puppy not to bite? Did you use the redirection method with a fun toy? Did you try the yelping method with your dog? Did it work or just excite your dog even more? Recommended Reading. A place to share our confusions, frustrations & concerns with one another. If you want your dog to learn to stop biting you need to be consistent. When you?re playing with your puppy and they start to chew on your fingers (inevitable) hand them a fun toy instead. I know you?ll want to ? because it friggin hurts ? but try your best to remain calm. I don?t know if Laika was the exception to the rule or if all pups are particularly nasty, but we had hundreds of ?hurry up and put a toy in her mouth? moments. If you make a purchase I?ll earn a small commission. Everyone needs to be on board, and everyone needs to discourage biting by offering a toy instead. A place where someone can just leave a comment like ?you asshat? without having to look you in the face & explain the whys behind it isn?t helping to move the conversation forward. I heard that Shepherds were supposedly notorious for being bitey faces, but I had no idea? I had no idea that a 40 pound puppy could make me, a grown woman, run away screaming for dear life, but she did ? and she did it many, many times. Interactive play like a game of tug can be an excellent way to teach your dog some manners and , but their little puppy brains can get over excited. But what we often forget to do is have them on hand at all times. Those conversations were a result of having to look one another in the eye and deal with tough questions on both sides, sometimes having to admit things like ?oh I?d never thought of it that way. Here?s 5 things NOT to do when teaching your puppy not to bite. Right now it might be the last thing we need to help move this conversation forward.Roundup 82: Favorite Dog Articles, Videos & Deals of the Week Last updated on December 16, 2016 By Puppy Leaks If you?re just here for the dog stuff just skip the next 4 paragraphs. It is a convenient place to partake in conversations within our own side. Many times the problem in consistency comes in when not all members of the family are on board. If you?re going to make sure you stay consistent with a set of rules. When puppies get super excited learning goes out the window. When you run away from a puppy while screaming or flapping around you?re going to look like a super fun toy to your pup. One little slip up like but he looked so hungry, it was just a little piece of bacon will teach your dog that begging works, and he might as well keep doing it because the result will be yummy yummy bacon. I don?t usually (ever) post about politics here, but I quickly want to address the negativity that I see coming from social media. | Science Mag A new study found that dogs made extra copies of starch digesting genes to help them cope with all the wheat & millet they were eating. I assume that the high pitched noise many of us making when we try to emulate yelping just excites puppies even more. I rough house and play tug with Laika all the time; but when she was a puppy I had to really watch how excited she was getting during play. via Don?t Forget to Offer Your Dog Something Other Than Your Arm to Chew On Puppies need stuff to chew on, and many of us do provide our pups with plenty of toys & chew toys to fill that need. It?s a lot like teaching your . There?s more to it than that, and the divide goes much deeper. Favorite Deals on Dog Supplies of the Week Kong Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy 62% Off ? Musher?s Secret Paw Protection Wax 18% Off ? Premium Thin Bully Stick Pack 33% Off ? Nature?s Mircale Stain & Odor Remover 42% Off ? If you?re a regular amazon shopper be sure to check out their ? there?s a lot of great prices on harnesses, dog beds & grooming supplies. And when I say be prepared I mean be armed with toys at all times if need be. I was setting her up for failure. A Quick PSA About Politics on Social Media I?ve never seen our country quite as divided as I have this week (not in my lifetime at least). If you?re roughhousing with your dog, make sure to be aware of his arousal levels and to pause every minute or so to help him settle. This is the same sort of physical evidence that?s used in courts to help convict or exonerate humans for serious crimes.? This type of environment makes it hard, if not impossible to learn. Are us humans incapable of vocalizing a yelp of pain that resonates with puppy brains? Do our dogs know we?re faking it? My dog stops when she hears my real ow noises, but when I try to come up with a yelp she just looks at me like a giant chew toy. It certainly didn?t work for me, and if the comments on my post are any indication it didn?t work for any of your either. Remove yourself from the situation as calmly as possible to avoid stimulating them further

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